Cherished Cherubs Perth Babysitting Service Fees

Offering affordable rates and flexible hours, you can rely on Cherished Cherubs Babysitting for that personal touch.


There is a minimum booking of three hours and babysitters work in full hour intervals. For example, if you book for 7.15pm return at 10:35pm, you will be charged for four hours for the evening.


Payment is made up of the following two parts: 

  1. Agency Fee – to source for your babysitter and co-ordinate everything 
  2. Babysitter Fee – to be paid directly to your babysitter

Agency Fee

The agency charges an initial agency booking fee to your credit card. It is considered a booking once the agency is requested to spend time sourcing a babysitter. If you cancel the request, this booking fee is forfeited. 

Babysitter Fee

Babysitters are paid directly in cash on the day/night, so please ensure you are prepared with the correct money. 

Please fill in the enquiry form on your right for our babysitting rates.