Why use a babysitting agency?

Have you ever wondered what the benefits are when you book a babysitter through an agency?  Well let’s have a chat …

We are all love to have a night out but it can be expensive, by the time you pay for a meal, drinks and taxis, then add to that the babysitting cost.

  • At Cherished Cherubs, we know we aren’t the cheapest option for a babysitter, although we aren’t the most expensive either.
  • To save a couple of dollars, you can call some stranger off Gum Tree or Facebook.
  • But do you really trust them, how do you know if they are reputable?
  • Do you have the time to fully screen them, including asking them for copies of their licences etc?

 Quality service and professionalism is what you will receive when you book through  Cherished Cherubs. And more specifically…

Service –  The booking process is fast, easy and a safer way to book a babysitter.

  • You save time by not having to do all the phone calls, interviewing, recruitment, training, reference checks, screening or co-ordination.
  • And, another important point to consider, can you say NO to someone if you don’t think they are suitable?
  • A phone call or email and it is all done for you, or you can book online if that is even easier.

Reliability – We receive many phone calls from frazzled parents saying their babysitter didn’t turn up, or their babysitter is sick or cancelled at the last minute.

  • Cherished Cherubs emphasise to the babysitters about being reliable.
  • And if they do become unwell, the agency handles everything for you, replacing the babysitter without you having to do anything. Bonus!

Screening – The screening is done for you.

  • A babysitter cannot work for Cherished Cherubs without holding a current Working With Children Check card.
  • In addition to this all babysitters must have a national police clearance and first aid certificate (including CPR).
  • The agency monitors all licences, ensuring they are current and hold copies on file.

Experienced babysitters – anyone can say they are an experienced babysitter, but how do you really know?

  • With Cherished Cherubs, experience is part of the recruitment criteria to pass, before they are even accepted as a potential babysitter on the agency books.
  • We get to know our team, as we are in constant contact with them, booking them for various clients on a regular basis.
  • They really do have hands on experience.
  • We match the experience of the babysitter with the family and children to be cared for.

Quality of Care – Cherished Cherubs has an intensive and comprehensive recruitment program.

  • Every applicant is screened, interviewed, licensed, experienced, and trained to be a professional babysitter for the agency.
  • We focus on reliability, responsibility, safety, and quality of care so interactions are respectful and friendly.

Support – it is very natural for parents using a babysitter for the first time to be nervous, we understand that.

  • With Cherished Cherubs Babysitting you have the support of the agency Team.
  • We pride ourselves on having an professional team, and appreciate any feedback about your babysitting experience.
  • We will confidentially raise any concerns with a babysitter and will pass on your rave reviews to them. We monitor each babysitter to ensure they meet our high standards.

We care – The agency booking team are made up of mums, so we can totally relate to how a parent or parents maybe feeling.

  • Cherished Cherubs has been in business for many years, which speaks for itself.
  • We know our clientele, we know our families, we know our babysitters, and we love being able to help and so do they.

For a happy social life, without stressing about the care and safety of your children, you can have peace of mind with Cherished Cherubs as they are the agency to call for your babysitting needs.

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