I am NOT a mum tonight!

Why should we stop talking about our children when we go out?

My world revolves around children, I am known for being the mum, the foster mum, the babysitter, the drop-in centre for the kid’s friends.

I do find talking about children a bit monotonous at times. Not because it is boring or doesn’t interest me, but because children consume my life!  And sometimes I would like adult company with more stimulating conversation.

What do people talk about if they don’t talk about the kids or the husband?  

When my friends invited me to a girls lunch, I accepted immediately. There were 10 of us, lots of adults to talk to. It was so enjoyable to be in the company of other women.

There was plenty of conversation.  Many people had travelled and hearing their stories was really interesting.  Others chatted about their work life, the merits of cooking at home versus the expense of eating out these days, or their preferred holiday destinations.  And I had forgotten how the “singles” in the group loved to share their latest date experiences. I also chatted to a couple of my dear friends, who needed an “ear” to listen while they shared their personal woes.

On my way home, I reflected on the “sheltered life” I was living, even though I was running my own business, working from home and “always on the run” – all with children at my beck and call, I felt quite out of touch with the world.

I have made a promise to myself to see my friends regularly, to take time out for myself.

To have my own my own adventures so I will be able to contribute to future conversations too. Hmm…  maybe South America or Tahiti sounds nice. You get my drift…

Make time for you, your partner and your friends…

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