To Holiday With or Without Kids?

Is it a holiday if you have kids in tow?

Many times, I have wondered if a “holiday and kids” should ever be used in the same sentence or should they?  I think you can do both.

Holidaying without children, oh picture it….

  •  minimal luggage,
  •  real sleep ins,
  •  late night partying,
  •  so much more flexibility to change plans,
  •  the ability to do things like abseiling, fast boats, all sorts of experiences,
  •  some adult times,
  •  plus, it’s so much cheaper if family can mind the kids.

I feel so guilty! Guilt for leaving them and enjoying time without them. Guilt for feeling like we owe our family for looking after them, while we are having fun. Guilt thinking how much the kids would have enjoyed this adventure. And then there are the times where you just miss them and wondering how they are doing without Mum and Dad being around, because we selfishly abandoned them – ohh, even more guilt at that thought!

Remember, you have left no stone upturned while planning for this holiday without kids. They are safe and well cared for while you are away, and it even gives them a break from us – the parents. So enjoy your holiday, contact them when you need to and have fun, because I am sure they will be.

Holidaying With Kids

After writing this blog, I realised that as a family we had not holidayed together for some time. 

So we have booked an adventure with my sister’s tribe,  4 adults and 5 children altogether. We will be in holiday mode. The routines will be out the door. The kids will be occupied.  They will be receiving a great cultural education as well as be encouraged to travel.  The smiles, laughter and memories will be worth every cent. And yes the grey hair too.  And hey, if we need a night out, we can always call on a babysitter through the hotel. We are looking forward to…

  • No sleep ins.
  • We must attend the places they will like the most, you know the ones with the little animals or kids rides and some more interesting and adventurous outings for the older children and DADS!!
  • We must take them out in public to eat and aim for the places that have hot chips on their menu.
  • It is not one motel unit we must book, its two apartments, hopefully with adjoining doors, and even then, we have to share our room with a little minion.
  • We need to know in advance how far, what facilities there are including the toilets, not to mention how to use the toilets that do not look like ours at home, and…
  • We need a 12 seat bus, not because of the number of occupants, but by the time we add a pram, spare clothes, first aid kit and all those ‘just in case’ items.

I know we are going to have an awesome time, but …

I have promised myself and my husband that we will take a break at least once a year Without the Kids.

If you are holidaying with kids in Perth…

Cherished Cherubs Babysitting can give you some time out without the guilt of leaving the children for a long time in an unfamiliar place.  We are happy to babysit at hotels, Air BnB, or your booked accommodation when you want to have dinner together, attend a show or work function.

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